May 31, 2012

day 6

alhamdulillah, dgn sekali lafaz, we're husband & wife now :)

nikah ceremony should start at 10am
tp mungkin kerana mrJ sudah tidak sabar
maka 9.30 dh start nikah
tak de khutbah panjang-panjang
tak de test-test akad
trus proceed
mungkin juga kerana tok kadi juga sudah tidak sabar :P

make up was done by my aunty Lin, all the way from Johor
mini dais by me & mama & abah
hantaran from him by me
hantaran from her by mrJ
dress & baju melayu, tailor made
handbouquet by the craft potion

akan di update dgn details later ok
tunggu nnt dpt full pictures from 10bucks

we're going to kedah this weekend for fren's wedding
and next week baru la majlis bertandang kt rumah mrJ
jemput dtg ramai-ramai :)

9th june, 11 to 4.30pm
at behrang stesen, tjg malim
bleh email me at utk details map :)

May 10, 2012


first DIY stuff for our home
plan to hang it at dining area
sewn with love :)

inspiration from celebrations at home blog

May 9, 2012


15 days to our new chapter

first wed gift from my ex-boss :)

May 7, 2012


its been a while since my last update
no wed preps at the moment, bulan 5 ni mmg chill abis
tp a bit busy dgn workloads since kolej baru launching kt damansara damai

and busy fikir pasal OUR HOME
malas dah nak fikir pasal kawen,boleh? :P

wed updates

#1 kad still belum pos lg. still at mrJ's hand. tgu die pos. haihhhh..

#2 buku doa for favor utk side mrJ ordered from sbs design dh safely arrived from kedah. excited tgk cover page yg di buat sendiri :)

#3 hantaran from mrJ side still dia tak buat lg. ok cuak.

#4 lg 18 hari woi! gileeeee..


home updates

for our dining area, nak mismatched chairs mcm ni
super love!